Ariel Tavares is a multi-hyphenate storyteller who flirts shamelessly with different mediums. She is a poet, writer, photographer, model, creative director, graphic designer, and as of recently a video visual artist. In her free time she works as a freelancer- helping fellow creatives with their respective branding and marketing efforts.

Born and raised from Providence, Rhode Island she was sustained by a strict diet of bodega pastelitos & Cape Verdean dishes, handmade by a line of heavy-handed immigrant matriarchs who shaped her work ethic, love for sisterhood, & love for music.

She aims to capture the beauty of everyday life and the people in it — aiming to mine magic from the mundane. She believes in the power of words, the power of people, and the power of a lil sweet treat after a meal. Ariel hopes those who interact with her work are either moved, confused, or slightly amused. Preferably all three.

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