I am a Michigan native and I earned my BFA in Fine Arts from Kalamazoo College in 2010. I have taught ceramics in Michigan, Philadelphia, Ecuador, California, and Arizona. I recently moved back to the Ann Arbor area after a couple of years living and teaching in Oakland, CA. My recent solo exhibitions have been shown by Practical Art Gallery in Phoenix, AZ, Abrahms Claghorn Gallery in Oakland, CA, and Ann Arbor Art Center, in Ann Arbor, MI.

I am a sculptor working primarily in ceramic and fiber, and I think of myself as an alchemist and a forager. I use found materials, slips, stains and glazes to create atmospheric surfaces. I’m interested in processes of change, both in my artwork and myself, and ceramics is a practice in radical transformation. In the kiln, pressure, heat, and time each play a role in the act of chemical change that the piece undergoes.

Color is a joyful presence in my work, often created by layering homemade glazes over embedded found objects. As I walk to the park with my daughter, I find sand, broken glass, seed pods and lost jewelry to melt glossy puddles, create voids, or burn black scars into the glazes of my ceramic sculptures. Recent works have responded to my experiences living through the effects of climate change, with fire and flood as themes.

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